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Boys Dorm

Help us build a small one bedroom apartment for the caretakers of the Boys Dorm at the Kids Kingdom!

Juan Carlos and Berenice have been the most incredible caretakers for nearly 4 years for both the Boys Dorms – High School/College and Little Boys at the Kids Kingdom. They live in 10’ x 10’ room right next to the little boys dorm so they can provide constant supervision and support to all the boys.  Recently Berenice and Juan Carlos were blessed with their own daughter, Angie, born in December, 2015.  Angie’s 22 brothers in the dorms are super thrilled at having a baby sister but in order for Berenice and Juan Carlos to remain as caretakers, they will need their own small one bedroom apartment.  To meet this need, the Kids Kingdom needs to build a 15′ x 20′ addition adjacent to the existing dorm creating a small one bedroom apartment for the caretakers.

05-3D Future Addition - Copy